SPE audio

1 U 2 channel/4 channel powerful amplifier

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F-8 speakers are equipped with multi-point suspension and support pole base, which are flexible and convenient to install. The horn can

* 1U ultra-thin, novel appearance, lightweight, high-definition LCD screen, real-time temperature display, suitable for mobile performances, bars

  * High stability, high fidelity sound quality, sufficient power, strong and thick bass, round and sweet mid frequency, clear and delicate high frequency

  * High efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, saving operating costs

  * Adopt active PFC and soft switching technology, power correction factor up to 0.99, strong adaptability

  * 90V-270V wide voltage operation, can adapt to harsh grid environment, provide continuous surging power for power amplifier

  * Stable and reliable 2Ω drive capability, perfect for line array speaker systems

  * D-PWM audio modulation technology, recycling the useless power of speakers, ultra-high energy efficiency

  * Standby sleep mode, power saving and durable

  * Adopt international high-end manufacturers’ devices, first-class quality, advanced and reliable circuits, and complete various protection circuits

  * Passed strict reliability, environmental adaptability, user experience testing, extremely strict production process

Technical Spcification:

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