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SPE Audio, short for Sun Power International (Hong Kong) Limited,  is an enterprise which specialized in researching and manufacturing professional sound reinforcement system.

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Professional audio system


Professional audio system


Professional audio system
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SPE Audio

Our goal is to pursue the best sound. In the past 20 years, we keep researching creative and high-efficient professional speaker to make our sound more catching and spread to each corner of the world.

The sound is the most important part of human’s senses, so we  re-produce it in precision and detail to give the respect and enjoyment to our listening through creativity, imagination and professional technology. To Keep meticulous concentration, profession and dedication, SPE Audio earned its quality to provide it for users.

In the world of sound reinforcement field today, we still pursue relentlessly for a higher sound quality. This is what we are proud of. Good sound and good music has the same effect, that is enlightening your hearts and deepening your sensibilities. Let SPE Audio bring the world much better audio-visual enjoyment.

Advantage statement

Our company's products cover professional power amplifiers, KTV power amplifiers, audio processors, amplifiers, home theater, full-range audio, subwoofer and other highly professional audio and integrated application systems. The company has strong production and service strength, attaches great importance to credit, abides by contracts, guarantees product quality, and has won the trust of customers with its multi-variety management characteristics and the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

SPE AUDIO FACTORY has rich product lines and many years of project design and construction experience. It can provide customers with comprehensive services in terms of scheme design, technical support, product tuning and installation, and after-sales to meet the individual needs of different customers.

SPE Column sound systems, the PRO Active Series, typically combine a tweeter, mid-range speaker, subwoofer, and PA amplifier, allowing for space-saving installation, easier transport and setup, and lower cost than high-end line array sound system. The most important thing is that the systems radiate sound precisely and evenly: they ensure a very wide horizontal radiation angle to cover a large number of listeners. Similar to full-size line arrays, column speakers produce consistent sound levels from the front to the rear of the listening room without the need for bulky multiple speaker enclosures, so they can easily fit into most venues, even small ones , individual performers.

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