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LA-5 Dual 10 inch line array desain box speaker


The LA-5 uses a 3-way three-unit design for a professional performance sound. The bass uses a 10″ unit, the intermediate frequency uses a 10″ unit, and the high frequency uses two 1.7″ NEO units. The LA-5 uses three independent units. The cavity design, the parameters of the fine calculation unit, and the principle of physical resonance make each unit work in different frequency band cavities. LA-5 has large power, sensitivity, convenient link and flexible use. LA-5 adopts active Power amplifier driven mode design, the power amplifier uses 3 channels to drive different units, built-in amplifier protection box and fan cooling system effectively improve the reliability of the power amplifier. LA-5 is equipped with high-performance class D power amplifier, with high efficiency and loss. Small, low temperature, etc. The LA-5 is flexible and convenient to upgrade passive systems with LA-5B/2×15″ active low frequency. External DSP digital processor mode for customer choice. LA-5 is suitable for medium and large-scale mobile performances, concerts, auditoriums, concert halls, and fixed installations.

Active/Passive Dual 10 inch Line array

Technical Specification:

Passive systemActive system
LF rated power: 500W RMS Nominal LF Power Amplifier: 600W
LF program power: 1000W Nominal MF Power Amplifier: 600W
HF rated power: 120W RMS Nominal HF Power Amplifier: 200W
HF program power: 240W Input Type: Balanced
Components: LF2*10″/HF2*1.7″ NeoInput Impedance: Line 20kOhms
Conections: 2*NL4 1+/1-LF 2+/2-HF Sensitivity: Line 0.775V (-0.28dBU)
Max SPL: 132dB Freq. Range(-10dB): 70Hz-20kHz
Impedance: LF 16 Ohms/HF 16OhmsConnectors Input: Female. XLR;
Frequency range: 60Hz-20KHz Loop. THRU: male. XLR
Dimension: 892465314mm AC. Input: power. Con
AC. Output: power. Con
AC Power Requirements: 220V. 50Hz/60Hz

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