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The new trend of SPE AUDIO development

The promotion of environmentally friendly materials in the country has led to a sharp increase in costs. For example, the price of cartons has risen by 150%, and copper and aluminum materials and electrical components have also risen by 10% to 60%. The development of the industry is very serious. With the current shortage of chips, companies can only go towards quality and innovation, which is the only way to survive! SPE AUDIO will also further adapt to the development of the times, seize the opportunity of transformation, integrate organically with various industries, create new development space, rationally use its own advantages, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. At the same time, promote the development of core technology, increase the added value of the brand of products, deepen the development of wireless, network, digital, intelligent and personalized, create and develop a new ecology, and continue to increase market investment to comprehensively improve the quality of products and services. Do a good job of high-quality engineering services before, during and after sales, and lead the entire industry forward!

The current competition in the audio industry has entered the Red Sea. The homogeneity of audio products is very common, and the quality is also uneven. Compared with foreign brands, many Chinese self-owned brands have been suppressed at the bottom, with weak premium ability and continued weak market growth. In the face of the market’s reshuffle of Chanlie, audio manufacturers should take active actions to respond to changes in the market environment, seek new profit points, and explore new outlets. If we want to break through the bottleneck, in our opinion, we must first focus on building brand value, promote through our own new media and audio industry media platforms, and spare no effort to expand the brand’s popularity and reputation. Because the more mature the market and consumer groups, the more important the brand value; secondly, we should pay attention to product innovation, repeatedly upgrade audio products through technological updates, continuously optimize product performance, and apply for patent protection for our superior technology. Competitive advantages; in addition, we must base ourselves on customer needs, actively tap the potential through market visits and surveys, look for new growth points in the market, and create products that are higher than customer expectations. At the same time, we should also pay attention to customer service, based on the promotion of customer-oriented service mechanisms, provide one-to-one service support and technical guidance to further improve customer satisfaction, and also pay attention to the collection and summary of customer feedback.

Based on the advent of the current Internet + era, SPE AUDIO is also keeping up with the pace of the times. The PRO series audio speaker products developed by the company enable audio transmission to be digitalized and networked, opening up a new market direction.

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