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Vietnam hotel speaker equipment update

In 2014, TRAN GIA EVENT WEDDING RESTAURANT CO., LTD purchased a number of active speakers from our SPE, namely 15-inch full-range active speakers and 18-inch active subwoofers. The speakers have been used very well and functioned smoothly. Only after a long time, the power amplifier board is a bit aging, so I contacted us in December 2020 to purchase a new batch of power amplifier boards to replace, so that the speakers can work better. Customers feedback that the quality of our speakers is still very good, and they are very confident in our quality. Their company plans to expand its business and increase branches. At that time, our SPE will be one of his suppliers. Thank you very much for your recognition of SPE!

Project: Hotel equipment update in Vietnam

Location: Vietnam

Time: 2020-12

Use equipment: professional power amplifier board

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