LA Series


LA-6B Dual 18 inch bass for line array pa subwoofer spe audio

Dual 18 Subwoofer / Match with LA-6  Line Array Speaker Passive System: Active System: LF rated power: 1200W RMS Nominal LF Power Amplifier: 2*800W Components: LF2*18″ Voice4″ Ф100mm Input Type: Balanced Conections: 2*NL4 1+/1-LF 2+/2-NC […]

LA-2B Powered 18 inch line array subwoofer system

Single 18 Subwoofer / Match with LA-2 Line array Passive System Active System LF rated power: 600W RMS Nominal LF Power Amplifier: 800W LF program power: 1200W Input Type: Balanced Components: LF1*18″ Voice4″ Ф100mm Input Impedance: […]

LA-6 Dual 12 inch powered line array speaker sound

Dual 12 inch professional Line array system  Passive system   Active system   Technology Specifications Technology Specifications   LF rated power: 600 W RMS Nominal LF Power Amplifier: 600W LF program power […]

LA-1B Single 15 inch line array subwoofer

Description:  Single 15 inch Subwoofer / Match with LA-1 Line array The LA-1B is a single 15′′ subwoofer designed for the MINI’s LA-1. The 1B features a 15′′ direct-fire design with a rated power of 600W […]


Dual 12 inch Monitor Passive system Rated power: 800W Peak Power: 1600W Components: LF2*12″/HF 1*2.5″ Neo Impedance: LF4 Ohm / HF 8 Ohm SPL 1w/1m: 110 dB Max SPL: 132 […]

LA-2 Single 12 inch line array speaker system for concert halls

Description: The LA-2 uses an active/passive conversion array speaker with two-way two-way design. The mid-bass uses one 12″ unit and the high frequency uses two 1.7″ NEO unit drivers. Powerful, […]

LA-5 Dual 10 inch line array desain box speaker

Description: The LA-5 uses a 3-way three-unit design for a professional performance sound. The bass uses a 10″ unit, the intermediate frequency uses a 10″ unit, and the high frequency […]