SPE audio

D-16,16 channel professional audio digital mixer

SPE D-16 Audio Digital Mixer


This is an era of digital “talking”, and the transition from analog to digital mixers is a trend that cannot be ignored!

Core advantages of digital mixer:

D16 digital mixer is an all-digital “professional mixer” that SPE AUDIO of entering the digital mixer market

It combines a new concept of modern digital mixer and traditional operation.

The D-16 digital mixer effectively integrates the digital mixer system with innovative design and powerful DSP functions, bringing users a very professional functional experience.

Product parameters:

  1. 16-channel signal input (8-channel MIC/Line input, 4 sets of stereo input including digital input)
  2. Input processing-Input gain adjustment (electronic gain) pre-amplification, high and low pass filtering, 4-band parameter equalization, compressor, delay, input channel sound image balance adjustment
  3. MIC input adopts digital gain adjustment (participate in memory recall)
  4. Independent +48V phantom power supply for each channel (MIC channel is turned on and off independently)
  5. Input and output EQ ON/OFF
  6. Stereo return input
  7. Quick copy function of channel parameters
  8. Each channel has a multi-function menu, mute button, and monitor button
  9. Each channel is equipped with a stroke 100MM electric fader, signal light, peak light (11 faders)
  10. 10 signal outputs (stereo main output, 6 AUX outputs, 1 stereo monitor output)
  11. Output processing-high and low pass filtering, 13-band parameter equalization, compressor, delay, phase
  12. Auxiliary output (pre-fader, post-fader)
  13. Stereo digital recording function
  14. Dual-row 3 color 12-segment level indicator
  15. Built-in sound card (MP3, PC play music directly)
  16. 4 shortcut scene recall modes, 12 scene storage
  17. Storage and recall of user parameters (can be managed on the PC side)
  18. Built-in two stereo DSP effects (40 preset effects)
  19. 4.3 inch 480*270 high-definition touch color screen
  20. FX foot switch interface
  21. Optical fiber input and output
  22. Multi-operating system control software (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system) Chinese and English switching display
  23. Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)
  24. Parameter lock function
  25. Open 232 central control control protocol

Suitable For:

 *Conference rooms

 *Lecture halls

 *Multi-function halls

*Recording studios

*Commercial performances

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