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D-20,20 channel professional audio digital mixer


This is an era of digital “talking”, and the transition from analog to digital mixers is a trend that cannot be ignored!

Core advantages of digital mixer:

D-20 digital mixer is an all-digital “professional mixer” that SPE AUDIO of entering the digital mixer market

It combines a new concept of modern digital mixer and traditional operation.

The D-20 digital mixer effectively integrates the digital mixer system with innovative design and powerful DSP functions, bringing users a very professional functional experience.

Product parameters:

  1. Developed based on Linux operating system, no fear of viruses, safer and more stable operation
  2. 16 MIC inputs and 1 stereo input.Digital input: optical fiber/sound card, MP3
  3. Input channel sound and image adjustment
  4. MIC input gain adjustment (digital gain)
  5. +48V phantom power (MIC channels can be turned on and off independently)
  6. Built-in compressor, high and low pass, 5-band parameter equalization, delay, output channel sound image balance adjustment
  7. Quick copy function of channel parameters
  8. Input and output EQ ON/OFF
  9. Multi-function knob
  10. Each channel has a multi-function menu, mute and monitor
  11. Channels are equipped with 100MM electric faders, signal and peak lights (16 ALPS electric faders)
  12. 10 signal output (main output L, R, 8 AUX output)
  13. AUX output (pre/post fader)
  14. Output processing: high and low pass filtering, 15-band parameter equalization, compressor, delay, phase
  15. Digital recording function
  16. Dual-row 3color 12-segment level indicator
  17. Users can customize the layer, output mixed editing function
  18. Built-in sound card (MP3, PC play music directly)
  19. 4 shortcut scene recall modes, 20 scene storage
  20. Storage and retrieval of user parameters (can be managed on the PC side)
  21. Built-in two-channel dual DSP effector
  22. FX foot switch interface
  23. Fiber optic input/output
  24. Multi-operating system control software (IOS system, Android system, WINDOWS system)
  25. Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)
  26. 7-inch 800*480 capacitive touch screen

Suitable For:

 *Conference rooms

 *Lecture halls

 *Multi-function halls

*Recording studios

*Commercial performances

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