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Lebanon outdoor garden audio sound system

The customer’s home has a spacious garden with a wide price range. During the holidays, he likes to invite friends and relatives to have family gatherings and parties. So he hopes to find two sets of speakers suitable for outdoor use. They require convenient movement and simple installation. Our professional active high-power combination speaker PRO-315A is just suitable for customer needs.

      PRO-315A is a professional active high-power speaker developed for mobile performances, cultural visits to the countryside, wedding markets, school squares, and small and medium-sized performance bands. The overall design structure is compact, excellent workmanship, anti-collision and wear resistance, convenient transportation, easy installation, no debugging, and can be operated by non-professionals. PRO-315A is manufactured in the mode of ultra-low frequency + mid-high frequency system design. Ultra-low frequency uses 2 15-inch units, mid-low frequency uses 1 15-inch unit, mid-high frequency uses 1 3-inch titanium film + 1 1-inch ultra-high Frequency combination. The module that drives the overall speaker uses a high-efficiency Class D digital power amplifier + DSP processor to work, with a rated output power of 2x800W continuous power in the 8 ohm state, and a 4 ohm output power of 2x1200W. The sound of 315A is sweet, powerful, low-frequency sound is strong and powerful, mid-to-high frequency is clear and loud, delicate and durable. The system application adopts 2 sets of systems to meet the needs of 1000-2000 people, and the use of 4 systems can meet the needs of 2000-3000 people. The number can be used in continuous stacking and linking, which can meet the needs of different areas.

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