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Sound system for church in French Polynesia

Customers from Oceania saw our PRO-315A and PRO-900A on Alibaba. They felt that they were very suitable for their church gatherings. They were portable and easy to move.

PRO-315A is set with one active dual 15 inch professional subwoofer and top is 3 way professional speaker with DSP amplifier module.

PRO-900A is set with 18 inch active subwoofer and the tops are 1 pcs 4*6.5 inch column speaker+1 pcs 2*6.5 inch column speaker+1 pcs bass.

After related consultation, the customer finalized an order for two sets of PRO-315A and one set of PRO-900A. After the production is completed, it will be shipped together with the customer’s other goods. Thank you very much for choosing our equipment, and looking forward to our SPE equipment to bring a brand new experience to the customer’s church.

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